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Our Approach to Therapy is Unique and Effective

At Life Recovery of the Palm Beaches we stand out amongst our peers for treating addiction by offering our comprehensive progressive therapies along with traditional individual and group sessions as part of our program. Many clients need more structure and support to help them make better decisions, develop goals and to foster independent living. We offer gender specific programs that help identify and treat various age and gender groups. Our groups are kept small and intimate ranging about 5 in a group.

We realize sitting in a room for hours, day by day, is not the ideal way to get you motivated to change so, we aim to reignite your passion for living with a unique and wide range of services. We are the only recovery program that offers an Entrepreneurial Track as well as a Television/ Film Track.

Our commitment is to your wellness and connecting you back to your family, profession and home life.

We are the best at connecting clients to their career path and making them independent.

We want to heal you holistically:
Mind, Body and Soul

We offer treatment for all mood disorders, including:

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Anxiety and Panic Disorder
  • Depression
  • Panic
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Phobias
  • Trauma
  • Co-dependency

We have successfully treated patients suffering from both mental health disorders and substance abuse to lead successful lives.


Addiction Recovery For Men

Restored Life Recovery Services offers a Progressive Program to address the individual needs of our male patients. We introduce our clients to treatments that uncover underlying issues besides improve family and interpersonal relationships. We also offer career counseling while you achieve sobriety through our programs. Every month we get you out and moving with one of our recreational therapies, or you can utilize our personal trainer at the gym. Not sure of a career? No problem, we even have vocational therapist to help get you on the right track to your goals. Just one call will have you on the road to recovery to a better you.


Addiction Recovery for Women

We recognize that women deal daily with the emotional stresses of family and personal life while juggling a career. Add the emotional and physical stress of substance abuse and addiction it results in chaos. You feel less beautiful, your zeal for life diminishes, and you feel depressed. The safe and tranquil beauty of our woman only residences, combined with our Health and Wellness Program introduces yoga, juice bar, exercise and therapy to lift your spirits and revitalize you. Our gender specific combination of powerful therapies focuses to restore you to the person you want to be. Women for Women is our motto as we pair you up with a female therapist. We also offer relationship, and co-dependent therapy classes to our clients to give emotional support and to re-establish interpersonal relationships with those you love. Need career guidance and support? We are here to lend support and guidance in your quest to find yourself.

Executive Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Constantly pushing forward, meeting deadlines while juggling work and family time is stressful. Add addiction in the equation and it results in breakdown. The residence for our executives is designer appointed estate type homes that are tucked away for total anonymity. Our Executive program features chef prepared meals, quiet areas for work and spa services. Therapy is personalized which can include a combination of exercise, recreational and interpersonal. Although we suggest a one to three month commitment as it has the most beneficial success rate, we understand the demands on Executives and can alter the duration. We can reduce the number of days with a more intense program to meet employee Assisted Programs or deadlines. We suggest a strong Aftercare program or our On-Line Access. We address underlying issues or may focus on pain management (where applicable) without the use of medication. Pets are even welcome by special arrangement to aid in your recovery process. Call today to find out how we can help you.

Dual Diagnosis and Co-Occuring Disorders Treatment Services

Approximately 20.9 million American adults age 18 years or older have a mood disorder. Depressive disorders often co-occur with anxiety disorders and substance abuse. Dual diagnosis patients suffer from a substance abuse issue and a mental disorder. We recognize that every client has individualized needs so we have a customized comprehensive program specializing in Co-occurring disorders and substance abuse. Our license board certified psychiatrist and psychiatric nurse work in tandem with our clinicians to monitor medication and aid in treatment of each of our clients.We offer treatment for all mood disorders, including:

Drug Dependency and Addiction

In 2013, the National Institute for Drug Addiction reported an estimate of 24.6 million Americans aged 12 or older had use an illicit drug in the past month. Each year there are more drug users and a higher number of drug overdoses. The Centers for Disease Control estimate that 114 people die a day because of drugs. Drugs alone or in combination with other drugs or alcohol can impair the body or cause death. The clinical and medical staff at Life Recovery of the Palm Beaches understand and have the experience to medically detox a client off drugs. You can trust us to help you treat your addiction.

Drug Addiction

Addiction is abnormal and classified as a disease. Addiction is compulsively using drugs despite doing harm to oneself or others which leads to negative consequences in life. Uncontrollable cravings are affiliated with destructive behaviors of addiction. These cravings become rooted in the brain biology and only in recovery can one reverse the process of destructive behavior with health alternative behavior. At Life Recovery of the Palm Beaches we offer life skills, group and individual therapy as well as yoga, meditation and exercise to help clients conquer the demands of chemical addiction. You will receive 24/7 monitoring and compassion care during your withdrawal from any substance. Call today to schedule an assessment with our clinical team to evaluate your level of care.

Do you have Substance Abuse Disorder?

(The following criteria is not for a self-diagnosis but to make you aware of the conditions of Substance Abuse Disorder. Typically having two of the following criteria within a 12 month period can indicate Substance Abuse)

  • Using the substance in larger amounts or over a longer period of time than was originally intended
  • Unsuccessful attempts to cut down or stop using the substance
  • Spending a great deal of time obtaining the substance, using it, or recovering from it
  • Tolerance: needing more of the substance to achieve the desired effect
  • Continuous use despite adverse physical or psychological consequences
  • The substance can cause bodily harm or is hazardous (diseases related to drug abuse)
  • Interpersonal relationship, family breakdown due to substance abuse
  • Impairment in the ability to fulfill responsibilities: school, work, home
  • Craving: An intense desire to obtain the drug despite negative consequences
  • Withdrawal: experiencing adverse physiological or psychological effects when stopping the drug which often leads to relapse
We Customize Your Protocols for those addicted to a Variety of Substances Substance Abuse including:

  • Benzodiazepines: including Xanax, Valium, Ativan,
  • Opiates
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Stimulants/amphetamine
  • Polysubstance Abuse
  • Cocaine
  • Methamphetamine
  • Synthetic (Designer) Drugs: Bath Salts,
  • Inhalants
  • Marijuana/hashish
  • Tobacco
  • Kratom/Kava
  • Hallucinogens

Pain Medication Addiction Treatment

You have faced surgery or back issues or other body aches that caused you to use pain medication, but now you cannot stop using. Our incredible team of therapists and allied health professionals will show you how to cope with chronic pain without medication. You will be able to break the chain of addiction through learning our pain management techniques.

Trauma Groups/First Responders

Trauma and the anxiety of STAT situations can impair your ability to cope, and to live life. At Life Recovery of the Palm Beaches we offer small groups using progressive methods such as EMDR therapy to identify issues and uncover traumatic events or underlying problems that have caused negative behaviors. Our residences offer the serenity for you to unwind from the stress. Let us show you how to focus on the present, so you can heal and move forward with your life. Call today.

DUI/Alcohol Rehab Alternative

Those red and blue lights were circling around you and your heart rate increased as you pulled over. DUI, doesn’t this happen to OTHER people? Alcohol is is a treatable disease, let Restored Life show you how to face those alcohol demons and conquer them forever.

Athlete Rehab

You are THE STAR!!! The athlete of the year! You do not need anyone; you can snort, take pain meds, use steroids, shoot up, do whatever you want until you get benched, suspended or pending jail time because of the excess drugs. Let us explore and help you to overcome addiction. The therapists at Restored Life can help you become the true star that you are.

Rehab for Boomers

Woodstock was cool..staying on drugs is not. Hey Boomers, we have a place for you. Whether it is from pain relief or recreational, we can help clients get off of drugs. Music and art is our therapy. Clients are encouraged to Express themselves as they let go of addiction. Get into our monthly music venues and show the world who you are. We have Karaoke, open mic nights and other cool venues to allow you to express yourself. Peace and Love Boomers..We have someone on call now to find the help you need today.


Addiction with or without Physical Dependencies

Battling addiction to non-substances such as gambling, sex or internet have no physical dependence. Life Recovery of the Palm Beaches we can help clients find new outlets to curb the unnatural cravings that prompt these compulsive behaviors.

  • Attachment Issues
  • Family of Origin
  • Gambling
  • Rage
  • Work Addiction
  • Sexual Addiction

Academic Support

Academic performance, peer pressure to try drugs and alcohol can cause even a good student to spiral downward. We offer clients academic support by understanding the pressures they are under and providing stress reducing therapies. Our clinicians provide therapy to clients that come to us needing academic support as well as drug or alcohol recovery. You can trust us to help you.

On-line ACCESS! (Coming soon!)

Our online portal allows around the clock access for outpatients, provides family counseling, alumni progress notes, Academic support and psychoeducational courses. It is one of our best tools for clients to access us anytime, anywhere. Perfect as a recovery tool, to support individuals with interpersonal relationship issues or to prevent relapse. Check us out online.

Family and Parenting Counseling

Family therapy is an integral part of a patient’s success to sobriety. Therapy will help to uncover hidden emotions; conflict resolution and scarring that hinder you from having relationships with those you love. We offer inpatient and outpatient family counseling for our clients and encourage weekend family and children visitation. Clients going through the program speak the language of recovery so we offer educational liaisons with clients and their loved ones so everyone can speak the same language too.


Pet Options!

At Restored Life, we even offer pet options. We understand the love and support a pet can bring to our clients so we offer (with special permission) the ability to bring your pet to recovery.

Aftercare: Health and Wellness checkup for our Alumni

So you are now discharged from rehab and are living your life on your own. Now What? We know that sustaining sobriety is not easy, so at Life Recovery of the Palm Beaches we offer Aftercare. Our Aftercare program can consist of 12 step model and on-line or live consultation with your Life Recovery primary therapist. If you are still in the area, we encourage you to take one of our classes in career counseling, rage reduction, mindfulness and relationship building at our facility. You can even stop by to speak with one of our counselors. We encourage all of our clients to reach out to one of the many community related services that are conveniently located at our facility. At Life Recovery of the Palm Beaches, you are always part of our family. Call us to receive the schedule of community related classes.

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