The majority of our clients come from the suggestion of our Alumni. Here are a few of the testimonies by recent graduates of the program:


    K.A.M.D.J.R.A.R.J. T.E. T.K.Z.J. R.C.A. S.
  • I was facing pain and turmoil everyday. My life consisted of a full time job of constant desperation to avoid withdrawals. I was locked in a world I created of misery. Thank you Life Recovery of the Palm Beaches for helping me to break my chain of addiction so I can find purpose in my life. The individual and group sessions helped me to forgive myself so I can achieve my goals.
  • I have been in 7 treatment centers and this is the only one that made a difference in my life. In 3 days!
  • I bounced around to various treatment centers. Relapsed a few times. This treatment center helped me more than any other center. I really feel I can make it this time.
  • Really like the house I am in. It is a great place to come home to after therapy. The blue comforters, leather sofa, and patio furniture really make it feel cozy.
  • Love it here! It is the only adventure based recovery center that REALLY is adventure based. My favorite adventure was group therapy on the beach. Wow, how cool is that.
    J. T.
  • I was never able to put a week of sobriety together out of treatment before. I felt like I had a number on my head at the other treatment center. They actually cared about me at Life Recovery. They worked with me so much in my clinical work, aftercare, life skills, job placement. I now have almost 6 months sober. I could not be happier! Thank you, LRPB. You saved my life!
    E. T.
  • Jetski's, they even found me a job. I have no desire to go back to my old life.
  • I got a lot out of the entrepreneurial class. It made me think about my future and opened the possibility to having my own business. Life Recovery of the Palm Beaches connected with me like no other recovery center. I am excited about my future.
    J. R.
  • I had an amazing experience with Life Recovery. I was really impressed with how involved the staff was with each and everyone in the program.
  • I Love Life Recovery. They made me feel like it was a family. The CEO even cooked for us! I really like the monthly music events they had. Really a great place to get your life together.
    A. S.

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