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At Life Recovery of the Palm Beaches we understand that patients can be scared to take the first step towards recovery. Know that each and every member of the Life Recovery team understands the difficulty for clients to make the decision to attend a recovery facility. You most likely are moving away from home for the first time, you will be away from your family and friends, you are getting out of familiar environment to embark upon the unknown. You can Trust US to Help You Through IT. The Best way to understand the program is to CALL Stephany! at (561) 290-0540 FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Here are a few answers to questions that may help you understand the program.
How can I find out if this program will work for me?
The Best way is by assessment by our professional team. Call us (561) 290-0540
How Long is the Program?
The Program can vary by level of care. Our Clinical Team will assess which level of care is best for you. Most treatment programs are from 20 days to 3 months. Once you are in our care, we are by your side and will offer services the rest of your life. We offer a continuum of care from detox through to Sober Living.
What happens after I complete Treatment?
You will work with a therapist to develop an exit strategy that matches your personal situation. We offer sober living and career counseling to get you back on track to your goals. Join our entrepreneurial group and learn how to create a business.
How will I succeed after I leave treatment?
Clients that leave Life Recovery of the Palm Beaches can confidently live a successful, fulfilling and life of sobriety using our techniques. Our Alumni program is a wonderful asset to help keep you strong.
What Should I Bring?
Your welcome letter and admission package will have a list of guidelines on what to bring. Our admission team is also available and will be glad to help you.
What Should I Bring?
How do I get to your Facility?
Our Admission team has logistic members that can help arrange your travel plans. We will meet you at the airport and provide safe and comfortable transport to our facility. The Closet airport to our facility is Palm Beach International (PBI) in West Palm Beach, Florida, although we also offer complimentary shuttle services from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL), Orlando International Airport(MCO) and Miami International Airport (MIA).
How am I assessed for treatment?
Our physician and psychiatrist will evaluate you shortly after admission to determine the level of care. We will develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses substance abuse as well as dual diagnosis (manic depressive, anxiety, biopolar disorder, etc) that often accompanies addiction.
Who will know about my treatment?
You will be required to sign a release of information for us to speak to anyone about your treatment. We only require an emergency contact, but they will not know of your treatment progress. We do suggest involving those that you love so they can be part of the success you achieve in our program and be better prepared for your return home from treatment.
When Can I speak to my Family?
You will have the opportunity to speak to your family upon arrival to our facility. Afterwards, because the focus is on your healing, we require 10-15 days without phone calls. You can resume phone calls once you reach the level of care as recommended by your therapist.
How is my family or loved one involved?
At Life Recovery of the Palm Beaches, we believe that family is important in a patients recovery plan. Our case manager can help families arrange for a visit to attend a free 3-day intensive therapy session. We also offer family therapy over the phone or through our web portal. We feel that family involvement can heal wounds, open communication and aid in the outcome of a patients recovery.
Can I bring a pet?
We do allow pets by special permission. We know that pets offer support and love that can be beneficial during the recovery process. Clients with permission to bring their pet, must have updated shot records, must be groomed and cannot have any aggressive traits. Clients also must be willing to be responsible for their pet and pets action.
What if I need to see a doctor or dentist?
Our case manager will make arrangements for a doctor and dentist for the care you require. Please note that costs for this service is not covered in our scope of care. You will have to cover the costs of these expenses.
Can I have mail sent to your address?
Yes, we will give you an address to have your mail sent to. We encourage our clients to bring postcards or stationary to keep in contact with their loved ones.
Conflict Resolution
If you have an issue with another client or a primary therapist, our Clinical Team have training in conflict resolution and will help you resolve the problem. We believe in open communication, which is key in conflict resolution. Talk openly to your primary therapist about any issue that arises.
What is the number of clients in Group Therapy?
At Life Recovery of the Palm Beaches we take pride in our innovated and lively small group sessions. We have counselors that specialize in group to facilitate and get the most out of group therapy. In addition we offer at least 1-3 minimum per week one-on-one therapy sessions although clients can request more sessions. Clients can also participate in our monthly progressive alternative therapies.
Can I attend a Group or obtain Individual Therapy but not live on campus?
Yes! We do offer outpatient therapies depending upon your assessment and level of care. If you fit our intensive outpatient criteria our primary therapist will assign you to the appropriate group to meet your needs.
Will I be able to work while in treatment?
Treatment is the primary focus at the beginning of your treatment program. Recovery comes first, so be prepared to clear your schedule during this time. Your therapist will evaluate your situation to help you find a job or build a career.
Can I bring my cell phone?
We want you to focus on your recovery, so we do not allow cell phones (unless you are in our Executive Program) until the later portion of your treatment program.
How many beds does your facility have?
We are a boutique facility that only has a maximum of 50 clients.

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