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progressive At Life Recovery of the Palm Beaches we stand out amongst our peers for treating addiction by offering our comprehensive progressive therapies in addiction to our traditional individual and group sessions as part of our program. Our approach to addiction is to help our clients uncover the causes as well as to develop healthy pathways to lifelong recovery.

Taking a holistic approach, we developed programs that offer our clients ways to alleviate stress, reduce rage, develop empathy and understanding, foster better eating habits and aid with interpersonal relationships.

We also realize sitting in a room for hours day by day is not the ideal way to get you motivated to change so, we aim to reignite your passion for living with a unique and wide range of services. Our commitment is on your wellness and connecting you back to your family, profession and home life. Our therapists are outstanding in career counseling and vocational pathway programs. We are the only rehab program that offers an Entrepreneurial Track as well as a Television/ Film Track. At Life Recovery of the Palm Beaches are committed to healing the entire person, and their families through Mind, Body and Soul.

Changing the Way We Do Group

Career Counseling

Life Recovery has multiple programs to get you back on track towards your career.
We offer free career counseling, have affiliations with local colleges and will help you create a powerful resume.

We offer an entrepreneurial program!

Legal Services

We can connect you with some of Palm Beach County’s best attorneys to help you unencumber your life. Legal advice by attorney is not part of the scope of our program and is available upon request. justice-311699_960_720

We are committed to helping you succeed.

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