Family Recovery Program: Healing Families Together

At Life Recovery of the Palm Beaches we help families heal together.

Addiction can cause dysfunction and traumatizes families. Family members dealing with addicts have high levels of stress and anxiety and live in emotionally fearful and manipulative environments. The entire family suffers when one member is an addict. Nobody is speaking the same language, the addict feels nobody understands them and the family is at a loss on how to connect with their loved one.

The entire family needs to be a part of the recovery process. At Life Recovery of the Palm Beaches we not only heal the individual but we also heal the family! It is imperative that the whole family be part of the recovery process to maintain sustainable sobriety. We encourage family participation throughout the treatment process. We offer family weekends with our clients, plus loved ones can request individualized sessions with the client and their primary therapist. We are here to help families and loved ones understand the program.

Healing families and loved ones is a big portion of the recovery process. Once a client leaves our facility, they will need the love and support of the family to succeed upon their journey to continuous sobriety.

In part of our “Keep You On The Road To Sobriety Progam” we offer family programs to our alumni to help connect those lines of communication and understanding.

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