So you are now discharged from Life Recovery
and are living your life. Now What?

Aftercare is an ongoing group designed to introduce strategies for relapse prevention. Starting a program with life recovery brings you in as part of our family. Once you have attended our program, you become family to us. Aftercare is our way to follow up and help our clients We know that sustaining sobriety is not easy, so at Life Recovery of the Palm Beaches we offer multiple Aftercare programs.

Our Aftercare program can consist of 12 step model and on-line therapy or a follow up consultation with your Life Recovery primary therapist. If you are still in the area, we encourage you to take one of our classes in career counseling, rage reduction, mindfulness and relationship building at our facility. You can even stop by to speak with one of our counselors.

We encourage all of our clients to reach out to one of the many community related services that are conveniently located at our facility. At Life Recovery of the Palm Beaches, you are always part of our family. Call us to receive the schedule of community related classes.

On-line ACCESS (coming soon)

Our online portal allows around the clock access for outpatients, provides family counseling, alumni progress notes, Academic support and psychoeducational courses. It is one of our best tools for clients to access us anytime, anywhere. Perfect as a recovery tool, to support individuals with interpersonal relationship issues or to prevent relapse.

Family Involvement and Parenting

At life recovery of the Palm Beaches we know that substance abuse can affect on family relationships.
Family therapy is an integral part of a patient’s success to sobriety. Therapy will help to uncover hidden emotions; conflict resolution and scarring that hinder you from having relationships with those you love. We offer both inpatient and outpatient family counseling for our clients and encourage weekend family and children visitation. Clients going through the program speak the language of recovery so we offer educational liaisons to work with clients and their loved ones to create awareness for families on acceptance, forgiveness and love. Our program offers continuous family programs that alumni can take with their families to heal together.

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